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    I’ve got 3 treasures, two found in chest and one by killing a fire elemental.
    And now…I don’t find any more maps. Sometimes a kraken appear and drop a bottle but it’s wet material or a scroll.
    What do i have to do ? Wander till I find a kraken that will drop a map ?
    It’s very long…



    There’s many other ways to get treasure currently, some of which include:

    • Locked chests in houses and in caves.
    • Aberrant creatures.
    • Any higher-level creatures such as Pirate Ghosts, Imps, Time Skitters, Fire Elementals.

    OK, thanks.
    I find one in a lock chest in a cave, one in a lock chest burried (treasure map) and one on a fire elemental.
    I traveled on all the map and there is no more caves or houses.
    I loot no more treasure maps apparently.
    So I have to search for aberrant creatures. What are they ? How do they spawn ?
    For the higher-level creatures same question how do they spawn ? Do i have to meet specifics requirements ? Will they spawn only in a specific place in the map or they can spawn anywhere ?

    Thanks for the answers.


    Aberrant creatures will spawn more frequently in the night and while you are in caves. Typically monsters are not limited by “where”, but monsters will always spawn outside of your view, so make sure that the tiles that are out of view are spawn-able (so don’t stand inside a giant mountain range and expect them to spawn). You can see which tiles certain monsters can spawn on here:

    Another option is to travel to a new world using a Bull Boat to try your luck in some new surroundings. Warning, it can get pretty dangerous as the new monster spawns will factor in your talent when travelling to a new world, so many of the monsters will be harder than just normally starting over.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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