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    I’ve been finding these squares at random locations that show up as black in the mini map and look normal up close but upon trying to inspect or interact with them i get an error has occurred message. Any idea what is causing this?

    Heres a screen shot of one of these dead spaces.


    I think I figured out the problem, I will patch it for 1.6, but I’ll reply here with a fix for your current map in a bit.


    Wow awesome! I’ll look forward to the fix. Also, I was wondering, could you give a list of the new aberrant monsters with the exact variable names to use for modding. Thanks 🙂

    I got home from work today and went to the castle to pick up some building materials, on the way out I noticed this little scene of chaos taking place. Shortly after I bumped into my first aberrant fire elemental and barely survived. Are fires like these meant to happen before you ever make line of sight with the fire elementals?


    Hey there,

    Unfortunately there’s no way to spawn specifically an aberrant monster (yet). It’s just a chance thing.

    Fire Elementals can sometimes start fires even without people around currently.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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