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    This is just a broken rough draft of how i survive based on the creatures i encounter.

    The Ghost Pirates weaknesses are torches. (and plenty of health repairs like sutchers or bandages) At least in my experience, as arching with 19 arrows seems to be… near impossible to land a hit with 40%+ on arching skill

    Elemental fires can be killed off quickly with arching and running into the water to avoid them as they wont travel into the water. Keep in mind every movement they make can start a fire, if your pad is made of wood and not stone or sand, they will burn it down. Use any type of water/sand/gravel to put out the fires!

    And imps can be wiped out with arching and quickly running away

    Bears are the same thing arching combine with running away. Also spears work but wear plenty of armor and have health recovery items!

    Slime & Gel creatures seem to be easily killed off with pole weaponry, or arching

    Chickens are easy to kill with direct attacks, higher your tactics/agile skill is the less likely they’ll land a blow on you (any creature as a matter of fact..)

    Time Skitters.. Apparently these buggers can jump through walls, i suggest ranging them only and having tons of traps everywhere to stave these annoying buggers off
    This is a work in progress guide, anyone with more input or methods of killing off creatures please post here, would help just build up this guide on how to handle new creatures as they pop up.


    I have no trouble killing anything except red-eyed pirate ghosts by getting iron armor and using two iron spears. Untill then, I avoid pirate ghosts as much as possible.

    Zombies I think are vulnerable to torches as well, but I haven’t tried this out.


    I would add that fire elementals gain health if you hit them with lit torches, so you should absolutely not fight them with lit torches.
    Also, imps and living rocks seem to be immune to fire (lit torches).
    Zombies, on the other hand, are vulnerable to fire. I can get 14 damage against a zombie when wielding a lit torch and significantly less when wielding one unlit or using a hammer.
    Red-eyed/aberrant pirates are best fought with composite bows and some distance away or golden swords, if you can find them. If you do have a golden sword, I would recommend reinforcing it with glue as often as you can so it will last for some time.
    Slimes/gels are vulnerable to piercing, which includes swords as well as the pole weaponry and arrows.
    Living rocks are good for target practice (with arrows and throwing), and need not ever be the death of an adventurer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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