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    I’m just a bit confused on how one gets crafting recipes.

    The “Crafting in Wayward” page says that recipes are “discovered as you find materials throughout the world.” However, many times it happens that I have found the materials necessary to make a specific recipe but the recipe doesn’t show (see #1, #2).

    1. I had gathered all the items necessary to make a stone water still (looked up on the blog post “On Thirst & Hydration”) yet the option to craft a Stone Water Still didn’t show. I got the little green message detailing that I got the recipe two games later.
    2. I have all the materials necessary to craft both a waterskin and a flask (looked up on the wiki page for items), but the options still don’t show. I have yet to get the green message stating I’ve found the recipes for either.

    And now I just learned how to create a Solar Still despite my lack of recipe for the Sheet of Glass. I found the Solar Still recipe while just minding my business and crafting a Skullcap.

    Can someone explain exactly how recipes are learned?


    [quote]Can someone explain exactly how recipes are learned? [/quote]

    Eh, not exactly, I can’t.

    This is about 50% guesswork, but here goes 😛

    You learn craft recipes at semi-random when you improve enough in various crafting relating skills. As you’ve noted, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to use the recipes you get but in general you get ‘earlier’ recipes before ‘later’ ones. There is also a link between the type of skill you use and the recipe you get (not sure if this is a ‘soft’ link or a ‘hard’ link). In your case you should make lots of Sharp Glass shards from sand to boost your glassworking skills.

    Except that you shouldn’t, because the Solar Still sucks. Work towards the Stone Still instead. BTW, A desert start is good because you can get lots of Pineapple and Cactus leaves to tide you over until the still produces water.

    In theory the method with campfire + glass flask should be good, but you need both Furnace (stone) and Kiln (sandstone) and it is often difficult to get both.


    You learn a craft by having all of the required ingredients OR randomly discovering it (green text) by crafting another item.

    I cannot explain why the recipe would not show if you have all of the required items IN your inventory and not quick-slotted/equipped. As far as I can test, this cannot happen. If you send me a screenshot I can give you a better reason if there is one to why a recipe is not showing, but it’s possibly an outdated recipe on the Wiki, or something else (empty/non-empty Waterskin?).


    Also the item has to be out of the container.


    It has to do with your skill levels. I was having the same problem as you. So I kept all the items I needed to build it in my inventory and kept chopping at trees and hacking at rocks. Sure enough, 18% mining skill and BAM right afterward it showed up on my crafting list. Good luck!

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