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    If you don’t mind, devs. Is there any way to change the textures? at least for the character?


    Yep! You can change the textures for sure. It’s not the easiest in terms of code, but if you provide the new graphics I can perhaps do a tutorial:


    Well, I might work on changing the color of the clothing, or just different clothing in general but here it is: Old Guy


    For Chrome: Menu > Tools > JavaScript console > Copy paste/hit enter the following:

    character.src = '';

    For Firefox: Tools > Web Developer > Web Console > Copy paste/hit enter the following:

    character.src = '';

    Want to load it as a mod?
    Copy paste the following into a blank file:

    character.src = '';

    Save the file as character.js (or whatever you want it named as), and load it through the mod loading option in the Wayward options.


    Alright, so loading it on Firefox says: SyntaxError: illegal character

    and loading it on the mod says: An error has occurred.


    Hey there @Old,

    It looks like the forum was ruining my quotes “. I have stopped the formatting. Please try again using the new codes.


    Hey its working great! Thanks!

    But there still is one problem. Do you know an easy way to make the background transparent?


    Hey there @Old, this is due to how you exported it from your image editing software. In Photoshop for example, you can save the .png with a transparent background. The original resource has this transparent background in it, so either your software has added the white background, or it may of happened during the saving process.

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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