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    Summary: When equipped with an Iron Pick Axe, trying to mine once decreases the Iron Pick Axe durability by several points.


    • This happens on both Sandstone and Rock.
    • It seems as if the item is used several times: more items are picked up, several messages are displayed (including warning such as “You are carrying too much weight!” and “An Iron Pick Axe is in need of repair.”).
    • I have not payed attention to Stamina consumption.
    • I think I have observed a similar behaviour with other semi-advanced items such as a Wrought Iron Pick Axe or a Wrought Iron Double Axe, but didn’t pay much attention.
    • This can lead to the item being destroyed without the messages advertising the need of repair.

    Reproductibilty: Apparently systematic, but I only tested with a single Iron Pick Axe.

    Context: Safari 5.1.9 with several extensions and plugins, running on Mac OS X 10.6.8.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Craft an Iron Pick Axe
    2. Equip the Iron Pick Axe
    3. Move your character until it faces a grey Rock tile using the arrow keys
    4. Press the arrow key in the direction of the rock

    Expected results:

    • The item durability decreases by one.
    • You gather from zero to several items you may find in grey Rock tiles.
    • Messages are displayed accordingly

    Actual results:

    • The item durability decreases by a number up to at least 4
    • You gather several (usually) items you may find in grey Rocks. It is possible to gather identical items several times: several sets of Stons, e.g.
    • Messages are displayed accordingly

    I plan on trying with several other Iron and Wrought Iron tools whenever I have time to play a bit more.


    this behavior is intended i think. you lose 1 durability per item harvested. why would it be different?


    I would say mainly because it prevents repair warnings. An item can go from 2 durability to being destroy without warning you to repair the item. In that case, both warnings appear *after* you press the arrow to gather.

    Also, although that remains in equilibrium territory, because it makes the Iron items seem very fragile for the amount of gameplay needed to craft it.

    In any case, that’s why the expected results exists. Because I might be wrong.


    I would say it was intended originally, but it makes less sense overall, so I think I will limit it to 1 durability decrease.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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