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    Spacetech is taking this whole modding/cloudworld thing seriously. Yes, that’s rendering the world below. And yes, you can fall down, complete with animations. Support for new items (item uses), monsters, tiles, etc.


    Basic question: can you add images for the new items? (the map image, the inventory image, the pickup image). From what I saw in the ArgusMod, you couldn’t do that, meaning you’re limited to the item images provided ingame.
    But wow, that looks EPIC. And the gradient visibility? Awesome =)


    @yairm210 Yep, you sure can! All items are now broken up into individual graphics as well so you can edit individual ones, or add your own!


    When do you think wayward 2.0 will be out? or is it already out? also i have tried to add mods but anytime I try to download one it opens a new tab and shows all the coding for it and I don’t get the mod downloded


    @waywardplayer Wayward 2.0 will be soonโ„ข.

    To download a mod, you can try to right click and save as so it doesn’t open in a new window. Alternatively, you can simply right click on the open code page, and save from there as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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