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    Grom PE

    tweakward_by_Grom_PE.js (v1.3a, last updated 13 Dec 2013)

    Here’s a fairly advanced mod that I created in attempt to polish and improve the gameplay!
    For full experience, start a new game (suicide) after loading this mod. As it’s not yet possible to automatically load the mod, you’ll have to load it each time you start up the game.

    I will continue to add things from time to time and improve the mod.

    Tell me what you think!

    == Lo and behold! ==

    This mod uses monkey patching, i.e. inserting code directly into original functions.
    Be very careful when using it with any other mod that uses the same mechanic, as
    things can break in very unpredictable manner. It’s also sensitive to Wayward updates.

    To other modders: if you intend to use monkey patching, please contact me and let’s
    work out a good way to hook or make an API that satisfies both mods!

    == Mod contents ==

    GUI tweaks:
    – More compact inventory dialog
    – Bigger container dialog default size
    – Better item tooltip
    – Crafting filter allows * as input to show only currently craftable items
    – Save dialog window positions and sizes correctly
    – An item menu button to see what can be crafted with a particular selected item

    – Grown plants don’t require to be watered lots or replanted before getting fertile

    Code tweaks and gameplay rebalance:
    – If it says plant is not fertile, then it’s not fertile
    – Prevent getting many of same item on spawn
    – No arrowheads generated lying around
    – Quality items have a chance not to break
    – Natural ground is tiring to walk on and drains stamina – make floors for good walkways
    – Prevent monsters from spawning on crafted floors
    – If carrying too much, drain stamina slowly according to over the top weight
    – More punishment for punching trees, rocks, etc.
    – Higher quality food is extra tasty
    – Light items (0.1 weight) now work with container weight reduction as well
    – When hit, never bleed on 90%+ health, always bleed on 30%- health
    – An obligatory rare fishing bonus
    – Attempting to use non-usable but equippable items equips them
    – Caves are pitch black. Use torches! Which are better now, unless you swim
    – Repairing depends on the tool efficiency and quality, failure damages both tool and target item

    Data tweaks and gameplay rebalance:
    – Halved tall grass spread
    – Torch stands last for much longer
    – Trout is less invincible for melee weapons, reducing the skill exploit
    – Changed weight of some items
    – Changed edible item effects:
    – Bad and uncooked food is worse
    – Onion adds thirst, cooked meat doesn’t
    – Water doesn’t affect hunger
    – Decreased durability of poor items and increased durability of iron items
    – Charcoal is made only from burning logs, other items turn to ash
    – Leaf bedroll is less durable and requires 10 leaves to make
    – Raft and bullboat need 3 ropes, rope needs 4 string
    – Twigs can be crafted from saplings and not branches
    – Iron armor (refined) requires cotton fabric for padding
    – Sharp rock weighs 2 and is now considered an actual rock
    – Cooking a chicken isn’t advanced but intermediate skill
    – Sinew can be used as rope-like in crafting now
    – Hammers are required to craft many tiles made from wood, stone, sandstone
    – Vines in swamps can be watered and fertilized (it still takes plenty of luck to make a vine farm)

    == Changelog ==

    – Fixed grown plants disappearing

    – Updated to Wayward Beta 1.6, removed many fixes that come with it (Big thanks to Vaughn for removing the obfuscation!)
    – Reduced iron hammers efficiency
    – Raised exhaustion when overburdened
    – Made dialog window positions and sizes save correctly
    – Restored waterskin weight, now bottle is slightly lighter
    – Added an item menu button to see what can be crafted with the selected item
    – Tweaked the inventory window a bit more
    – Fixed an error caused by ashpile or poor tongs still being in known crafting

    – Made hammers as durable as other tools
    – Hammers are required to craft many tiles made from wood, stone, sandstone
    – Repair efficiency varies and failure damages both tool and the target item
    – Reduced stone wall weight to 16
    – Reduced wooden floor and sandstone floor weights to 7 to promote making roads
    – Reduced bow drill weight to 4
    – Reduced chicken weight to 1
    – Reduced tinder weight to 0.1
    – Increased iron double axe weights to 4
    – Reduced durability of wrought iron axe, shovel, pickaxe to 50
    – Increased wrought iron sword durability to 40
    – Subtract at least 1 stamina when encumbered
    – Prevent bone from being accepted in crafting fire-making tools
    – Increased cotton required to make fabric to 4
    – Restored talcum powder in iron ingot recipe
    – Fixed negative fertility when plants grow
    – Allow vines to be farmed (but not replanted)
    – Allow clay to be placed
    – Removed crafting of poor tongs and ashpile
    – More generic shield use-equip
    – Less light without torches, stronger light from held torches
    – Extinguish held torches when swimming

    – Made to work with minified (online) version of Wayward 1.5
    – Small fixes

    – First public version


    I approve of some of these, especially the cave and sinew changes. The grammar changes are nice. I would have left water’s hunger effects alone since drinking does fill the stomach and tends to reduce the feeling of emptiness a little.

    Grom PE

    Water no longer reduces hunger because it was absolutely weird to see “You are overeating!” when drinking, and also to prevent surviving solely on water, forcing you to go out and find any kind of food.


    Very nice work! I think you should basically join the dev team at this point, haha. Although I don’t agree 100% with the tweaks, there’s lots in here that will either be fixed in 1.6 or some future version. Your monkeyPatch solution is definitely interesting considering the state of the modding stuff in Wayward right now.

    I have added both your mods to the repository. Great job!

    Grom PE

    Thanks! There’s a good chance for the mod to get adjusted as I go – I found the game less than a week ago and haven’t finished playing it yet. =)

    What are some of questionable changes, you think?

    Grom PE

    I just realized… this mod won’t work on the online version because its script is minified. *facepalm*

    I could either try to load non-minified scripts as the mod loads and try to reload the game without reloading the page, or adjust the patcher to minified code.

    • This reply was modified 10 years, 8 months ago by Grom PE.
    Grom PE

    Somehow I lost the ability to edit my own posts, so…

    Here we go, I updated the mod and made it compatible with minified, online version of Wayward 1.5.
    It was a fun challenge.

    You can update it on the site too!


    I have updated it on the mods page and also made you a Moderator on the forums so you can edit your posts for a longer period.

    Grom PE

    Oh my! I feel responsible now. Thanks!

    Grom PE

    While waiting for 1.6, decided to push a new mod update with quite a few changes. =)


    Grom PE, I had a few questions I wanted to ask you along the lines of modding. Namely, is it possible to setup some sort of trigger based on entering a specific area or collecting a specific item that would then activate a function that would do various things?

    Grom PE

    JamesIII, it’s possible to hook movement function and item collection function.

    But first you need to define what constitutes a specific area, if it needs coordinate check or something else.

    Also if you want to add a new item – that’s currently inconvenient to do (game needs to load mods before the game starts) and I haven’t looked into it yet.

    Grom PE

    There, updated to work with Wayward Beta 1.6, along with some new additions and small fixes!


    You work fast, updated!

    Grom PE

    Whoops, I made a mistake causing grown plants to disappear. Fixed it in a small update.

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