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    Grom PE

    saveload_by_Grom_PE.js (last updated 07 Dec 2013)

    Works with Wayward Beta 1.6.

    Differences from the mod by Garet:
    – Saving doesn’t make the game throw an error, requiring to reload immediately after saving;
    – Adds the buttons in the main menu rather than options;
    – Load button asks for a file rather than showing additional file input;
    – Suggests locale-independent, prettier filename;
    – Works in Opera 12, with “default” filename, still better than nothing at all;
    – Instead of saving whole local storage, saves only actual game data (this is important in case the game runs locally and other apps leave stuff in local storage – yep, I play unpacked offline Wayward version);

    The format is still the same, i.e. you can load your games saved by Garet’s mod.

    == Changelog ==
    07 Dec 2013 – Updated for Wayward Beta 1.6 (saving milestones)
    28 Nov 2013 – Fixed errors after saving
    21 Nov 2013 – First public version


    Nice work! I’ll throw it up on the mod page soon.

    Grom PE

    I found out that calling saveGame() is what makes the game unstable and when called after prolonged play throws many errors.

    Uploaded a fix for that, now calling saveGame(true).



    Grom PE

    And now that it saves milestones in all cases, the mod is fully compatible with 1.6.

    Funny that the link still says 1.5, probably I shouldn’t specify the version when I create new topics from now on.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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