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    First of all this is a very entertaining game. I am surprised it doesn’t have a larger and more active community.

    I’d played Wayward four times and the first two times I died from battle and the second two times from thirst. Yes, I read the wiki on thirst, made a water still, but I had to use my waterskin to make the still and could not find the materials to make a second waterskin to actually get water to purify.

    In my current (fifth) game I saw snow in the middle of a mountain, dug through three squares to get to it, and now I have unlimited water. Yay! Now I can get on with other things.

    Eventually, I built up some wooden walls around the entrance to my secret Shangri La, stashed some food I found, and was ready to enjoy the good life.

    I decided to casually explore more of the island knowing that while my water situation was great, the food wasn’t going to last as long.

    Yikes! A bear! I ran South from the bear and got away. I headed East get to the other side of the island and yikes! a bear! I ran North to get away from him and yikes! a bear! I ran West to get away from him and yikes! a bear! But I’d not been able to lose the earlier bear so I’m standing right between the two. I maneuver my way past the first one and now have two chasing me. I make it back to my home and have a bear standing at my door — staring at me.

    I created a side door so I can get out but with three bears in my front yard the game has become, “Chess with bears”. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out if they keep multiplying.

    So I’m wondering if there is still a balancing issue that is being worked on with bear spawning so that there won’t be so many in the next version.



    Unfortunately people are more active after each release, and more so within the Subreddit. Another large factor is about 50% of Wayward players are Japanese, and 25% are Russian. I simplified that ratio a bit, but, a lot of Wayward players are non-english speakers.

    The bears will eventually get tired and leave you alone for good, as long as they are out of screen. That might be a little hard in your situation though. I would suggest lots of rocks and projectiles and hurt them at a distance if you can’t take them on melee.


    Thanks for the info. Strange that the majority of players is non-english.

    I’ll play around with projectiles.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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