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    I know 2.0 will come soon.

    Still I want to put up some points on the current situation of balancing in the game.
    To give an idea about how much of the game I experienced so far… I am at about 400.000 talentpoints, with about 225 Health.

    Fish: When I go fishing… I usually come back with about 4 fishes, 35 sharks and about 25 Kraken.
    That´s not FISHING xD

    Food in general: A shark with 12 food RAW is too much. Even at the beginning. One fishsteak would be fair enough.
    A raw steak for 8 food is also too much. Cooked I would say 8 is ok and the added benfit of being safe food.

    The Kraken: Ok… 12 food is ok. But 1 or even 2 bottles per kraken is far too much. (I know you´re already planing to change that… don´t be too drastic though… the problem is the “plentiness” of kraken appearing).

    Talcum powder: I need it for just ONE purpose: Iron ingots and ironproducts. Every time I kill a living stone I get one tp and one limestone. For the ingots and all the ironproducts I need one tp and one limestonepowder.
    But for a sheet of glass I only need the limestone. So in the end I will have much more talcum powder than limestonepowder. It would be nice to have an additional use for this.
    Maybe a further enhancement of the iron to get steel-stuff 🙂 A longterm-gathering-action. 20 talcumpowder and other stuff to get a piece of steel.

    The Kraken part 2: So much annoying stuff. I have one chest FULL with treasure-maps! That´s not treasure 😉

    Fur: I can´t do anything senseful with it anymore. I have a full-metal-equipment and a leather belt.
    There is a need for more advanced stuff I can do with it. What about enhancing the metalclothings with fur? Maybe it wouldn´t enhance the defense… but reduce the weight… because it´s smoother to wear.

    I would like to garden my plants more than 2 times. That way I could use up some of my fertilizer and have more time between fertilizing them.


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    At 400,000 there’s no balance that will ever be added most likely. It will take a long time for there to be that much content to fill the game up until that point. The end-game in 1.9.2 is under 100k talent. After that point, you basically expired all content. My primary focus has been balancing the game under that amount.

    Food will play a more important part with a nutrition system. Hunger is basically a non-issue currently, and I want to try to fix that.

    Steel and more metal working is planned.

    In 2.0 the Kraken is a end-game enemy now, so they are more rare, have better drops and are much stronger.

    Fur/cloth and other armors are planned.


    Right now you reach 100k so fast. But you already meantioned that you changed that for 2.0 so that might be a good target to hit.
    I for myself love to play much longer. I am a long-term-player.
    “Steel and more metal-working”… yeah, that sounds awesome 🙂 at the moment the metalstuff might be too cheap, too.

    Right now the statistics would show that I´ve killed about two times as many kraken as I killed rats xD
    They are an inflationary, abundantly mass ^_^

    Fur-clothes… big “like” 🙂

    Right now anatomy does only prevent bleeding and helps shortening the time of it, right? The effect on healing-stuff is close to nothing. (I am at about 70-80%)
    There is no effect on poisoning, right? And seeing the correct amount of health… a really nice perk but in total anatomy is too hard to gain for too little gain.
    I hope for an increased value in 2.0 🙂


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