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    Been playing 1.4, I have some ideas and suggestions for improving archery.

    First please allow double-clicking the bow to fire an arrow at your currently facing target in addition to taking a step forwards. I don’t always want to take a step toward them and there should be nothing wrong with firing while standing still.

    Arrows weight too much at 1 weight each. They also weight more than their combined components (arrowhead, wooden pole, feather) whose sum is .9. I’d suggest bring their weight down to .5 at least.

    Please add another equip slot for an ‘arrow quiver’, just better for organization.

    I haven’t tried but can you make arrowheads out of sharpened glass?

    I’d like to see arrows with Iron arrowheads which perform better, though as rare as Iron ore has been I’m loath to suggest using up an ingot for one arrowhead. Maybe if iron was more plentiful or if you could make a stack of items form one crafting action.

    A better Bow: Recurve bow made from wooden pole, string, glue, and horn. (need horn as a new animal part though, horn is useful for other things too.) This bow should do better damage and have a longer range.

    Although not archery, you should be able to make a sling with a tanned hide, string (both consumed) and sharp object. Gives better range and results for throwing small stones.


    I’m happy to say that a lot of this is planned and/or coming in 1.5! Slings, different arrowheads, and quivers are coming a bit later though.

    There will be Short Bows, Long Bows, and Composite Bows. There’s currently no glass arrowheads.


    I think that a “Back” Equip slot would be good for different accessories like wearing a backpack or a quiver for arrows.


    The problem is the wooden part… not the arrowhead-part.
    You can´t have unlimited poles.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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