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    this message seems to appear even when no error has occured. how does the game decide to give me this message? for example it appears whenever you try to use a tattered map to dig up the treasure without an iron or poor shovel, and for awhile it appeared whenever i walked on a specific space.


    I’ll look into providing a bit more information when this kind of stuff happens. I’ve noted what you described and will look into fixing.


    I have hit this particular problem several times now, the FIRST time I noticed this was when I was in a simple underground dungeon on my starting island, it was night time and I was doing some mining to work upon my skills, I was using the large rocks to make stones for cobblestone tiles and combining some of them to make campfires to illuminate the local underground environment.

    The ‘an error has occurred’ message hit and then I have several glitches corrupt my saved game, most notable was an offset postioning of the environment that was a few spaces off from what my screen was showing me, I restarted a couple of times and then found that all my moving of rock on the TOPSIDE map had been undone, chests were still in their set positions but I now hoe to dig them out of the rock to access them.

    Another game day or two passed before the ‘an error has occurred’ message popped up again and rendered my save completely useless as a black screen with only my charcter inventory showing.


    @Karoth – Did you by chance play 1.1, or 1.1.1? That sounds like an older save might be messing up 1.2.


    I only STARTED playing with version 1.2 so the question about 1.1 or 1.1.1 saves tends to be a moot point, the ‘an error has occurred’ message is popping up enough that I have had to make a couple of back-up save folders that I alternate between updating them when I have significant in-game progress in order to keep from having my saves corrupted by the program failure.
    And yes flash AND Java are updated according to the company websites, I am running Vista basic on a netbook(also updated for all the good it does ANY Windows sourced application).


    Thanks for the extra information. Will look into this. Do you have one of those corrupted saves perchance? Would help to look at.


    btw, if i find enough bugs can i get in the game credits as a beta tester? im adding a few more to the bug list.


    @esran – You are free to add yourself to the Credits page on the wiki if you want 🙂


    just found an incrdibly complicated bug and put in in bug list, but ill try to give a better explanation here.
    if there is a solid rectangle of sandstone, and you dig out one and replace it immediately with a sandstone wall, that sandstone wall will then provide a seemingly endless supply of sandstone walls and never go away. mining out the sourounding sandstones seems to fix it, but it could be that after getting 10 walls from it it just finnally mined out naturally. i tested this in 3 different locations with simaler results, and tested that putting the sandstone wall in a regular place doesnt cause this bug.


    more testing shows that you dont have to have just digged out the space, but the error doesnt always happen in that case. it always happens when you’ve just dug out the space and then placed the wall. furthermore, despite my original oddly specific situation, this seems to happen in any situation where you dig out sandstone next to any amount of sandstone and replace it with a sandstone wall, but it is more likely the more likely to happen the more neiboring sandstone there are, and always happens in the originally described situation.


    further testing shows that removing a placeable object, such as a chest, from a simaler location and then replacing it with a wall does not cause this error, nor does removinga similarly placed wall. and im done testing this bug, good luck fixing it.


    I set off from my original island with 23 pieces of treasure exposed in my inventory, and a number of supplies and tools stashed away in small leather bags and backpacks.

    After setting out in a bull boat, I found myself on another island, effectively starting over, but with all my inventory items still intact. However, I am unable to access any of the items in my leather containers, and am unable to deposit items into those, or newly-made small bags and backpacks.

    I built several chests and have successfully deposited and withdrawn items from them, but any time I try to use a bag or backpack, I just get “an error has occurred.”

    EDIT: I see now in another thread that you’re aware of the problem, and of course I should have tried saving and restarting

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