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    I think after iterating a few times with the get treasure->leave islands->return to new islands cycle there should be an option to permanently “retire” and live on your earnings and islandcraft knowledge. Sort of a final winning endgame if the player desires it. I’ve got germs of an idea for a epilog story if that’s of any interest.


    This is a cool idea, it wouldn’t be hard to have a home base save file that loaded but i think the difficulty would be figuring out a way to load your inventory as the active inventory in the save file so things would actually transfer.


    I don’t get your comment; are we thinking about the same thing? My idea is a different ending as a reward for sufficient treasure gathering that, if chosen, has the player start from scratch next time they start a game.


    I do have plans for a “return to civilization” story line kind of thing. Right now it’s it’s done via text “you return, but then go on another adventure…”; however, I would like for that middle part to actually be a part of gameplay, wandering around a town, NPCs, stores, keeps, taverns, etc. That is quite a way off though. I would like the final end-game to exist in this “mode”; however, at any point, you can set sail on go on a new adventure. This town, and your savings, your house, your items, your treasure would be persistent across saves, deaths, etc. Just an idea at this point.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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