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    Ok, so this is my personal starting guide, and is more of how I play Wayward, not necessarily how you should play it, but a tactic that has always worked for me.

    This won’t be as showy or as fantastic as the other guide/s, but I do figure it’s more universal to future and past versions, as they aren’t dependant on singular features that may be added, removed or otherwise modified for the future.

    So let’s get to it.

    Note: This guide is working under the assumption that you already know the basics of the game, some of the mechanics, and how to craft/gather resources.

    Day 1, Part 1; Fresh Spawn.

    First thing I do is open the inventory to see what I get to start with, crafting menu to view what I can make, and equipment window (cause I need to see what I have on at all times, call me cautious).

    After looking at what I have, and crafting around what there is, I set out to find a viable and lasting food source, and cactus.

    I usually do this by combing beaches and/or sandy areas, as, in my experience, it’s easier to stock up on nopal, coconuts and pineapples this way early on, and takes some of the weight off of you from the start. The cactus needles are also very useful, for both lockpicks and sutures (which help with bleeding).

    Note that this way of starting can take some time, and requires you to evade enemies until you start gathering other resources.

    I gather until I have approximately 6-12 coconuts, pineapples in total, eating nopals as a quick replenisher of hunger/thirst. This takes care of your immediate futures requirements.

    Day 1, Part 2; Gathering resources, getting an axe and hammer.

    After gathering enough food stuffs, my next target, as stated by the title, is a stone axe and stone hammer. I dislike wasting time and energy by gathering resources by hand, so I usually scavenge what’s around on the floor, and I usually find a stick or two by the beaches. If not, a couple punches to a tree should get you a couple. As for string, again, finding vines, or using seaweed/long grass you find, makes perfect string, or stripping the bark off of stick works too. You should also gather rocks/sharp rocks, or craft them, as these will be the base of making both tools.

    Once you have enough for it, go ahead and craft them both. The reason for both of them is that the axe makes gathering resources infinitely faster, and the hammer will restore the durability of the axe, at the cost of reducing max durability, allowing for prolonged usage. Later, you’ll want to farm remarkable and exceptional items to make legendary tools, but I’ll cover that later.

    Next, you’ll want to gather tree bark, not stripped bark used for string, and some string, in order to create your first set of bark armor. This is very basic, but very fast to create, usually taking around 5-10 minutes to create from scratch.

    Once this is done, I move on to my next step:

    Day 1, Part 3; Finding a cave.

    Many of you would probably think I’m crazy, but I genuinely think caves are very beneficial to an early starter, providing you have a few lockpicks.

    “But there are ghosts, zombies, skeletons and other monsters there” Yeah, I know. But if you’re used to the turn-based movement, they won’t hit you.

    “But it’s dark and I can barely see” I know, but you CAN see, only just. You can move around slowly, but you’ll get the hang of the low light and the use of the minimap quite easily, and soon find yourself navigating the dark caves quickly.

    Finding a locked chest is very useful, as it can contain gear from several tiers above what you can current;y make, and I’ve found it’s usually gear you’ve previously made, or the recipes you’ve discovered, only.

    I usually hope for armor, or bottles/waterskins, as this will make the next day and steps simpler.

    I’ll go ahead and assume nothing useful was found (regardless of what is actually found) and go ahead to the second day.

    Day 2, Part 1: Replenishable water supply.

    This part requires a mortar and pestle, which is a couple of smooth rocks (made with a sharp rock and a normal rock). You can also use the mortar and pestle to make tannin, which allows you to make tanned leather from those rats you keep killing.

    You’ll also need a spade/shovel (whatever it’s called in your country) in order to get sand.

    With sand, you can make “refined sand”, which, with 3, and some limestone (I think), you can craft a solar panel/solar still. This is one of the best things I can think of for water. You simply dump in a bottle/skin of water, and come back later to fill your containers with desalinated water. Simple, and doesn’t require fuel like the stone still.

    Once this is done, you’ll need a viable food source.

    Day 2, part 2; Food and farming.

    At this point, you’ll want to think of food. If you’ve found wild plants such as the onion, go ahead and plant it, and let it spread. When you inspect it and it states that it is no longer fertile, you can either pour water onto it, apply compost (which can be gathered from some enemies), or pick it up and replant it (which takes away from its durability).

    If you’ve been unable to find onions, or many other plants, the next step I would usually take is beach combing again, but this time, attacking enemies I’m able to beat. This not only provides materials and meat, but levels up your combat skills, which will be needed later for the tougher monsters.

    Remember, all food has a certain time limit before it becomes inedible, so make sure you always eat the food that has the lowest counter, to ensure you don’t needlessly waste food.

    Day 3, on your own.

    At this point, I usually start looking for a place to settle and build for advancement. This is kind of a big thing, as it’ll define your immediate resources, and travel time to other areas. so I’ll leave this part out, as my personal preferences may not be everyone elses.

    For the record though, I usually burrow into stone areas that are near the sea, for easy water access for my solar stills, but again, personal preference.

    I’ll come back to this guide and “flesh it out” a bit more as I go, but this is the basic, and I’ve probably left some details out, but it is essentially my first tutorial.

    I hope it’s well received, and I’d be happy to hear/read any feedback.


    I haven’t gotten the solar still yet, I’ve been busy trying to figure it out w/out cheating but have denuded a sizable number of trees nearby by home base.


    Flow, add me on skype, I can throw some tips your way if you’re in need, or general advice =3

    shadowshell09 <<<

    Anyone else is free to add me too, I play Wayward quite a bit, and consider myself adept at the game (though not an expert xD), and I’m always willing to help 😛

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