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    First of all, I am not seeing the “drop in container” or “drop all in container” options for my bag that is in my 3rd slot. The options do appear when I use a box on the ground.

    Secondly and more importantly, when I move my coal powder to my bag it does not appear at all. Restarting the game didn’t solve the issue, so I uploaded my save file here:


    Edit: Okay, I was able to solve the issue by dumping everything from my bag, picking up a different bag, and filling it with my stuff. Neither issue is occurring for me now. But, I figure by posting this here it would be a place to post if anyone else experiences the same thing.

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    Hey there,

    Looks like you found yet another container bug!

    I’ll fix this up ASAP. The technical reason this was happening is the container was the very first item in your inventory and that “0” value was causing it not to be recognized. Not sure how I haven’t seen this until now haha.


    Hey found a problem when I put stuff in a small bag I found, after I put things inside of it it gives me an error when I try to take it back out, being an idiot I threw most of my inventory into the bag so now I am at a bit of a stand still, still love the game! This might be the best survival game I’ve played.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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