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    We are glad in long-awaited 1.7 having been released !

    “Daily Challenge” is more severe.
    My 1st Challenge was ended by kraken in dark cave. XD

    We want to enjoy a new factor of 1.7 immediately,
    but, in Wayward, the early stages are severe as ever.
    Anyway when I am going to get a hint,
    a red warning sentence appears and is stopped. :p

    I start and cut a tree , collect stones, make a tool.
    With that alone A exceeds another 10,000 Talent.
    Then both Atacck and Defence are still defaults.
    However, a Ghost appear in the cave. (Though it is 14000!)
    We cannot prohibit the rise of the skill unlike ULTIMA ONLINE.

    Unlike explanation, the attack damage by the throwing
    does not increase even if I give throwing skill?
    I cannot knock down a wolf by the stone-throwing.
    I want Training Dummy to increase Tactics skill to 25.

    There is only that I dye sand and a sandstone with my blood
    after all if there is not a tree.
    If there is the needle-like which is usable for hemostasis and fishing
    a little more, I seem to be able to do my best.
    * stare at a cactus and the small animal *

    Boy, it is assent that a Ghost easily appears.
    Blood Elemental may come out soon, too.

    Water Elemental, Earth Elemental, Air Elemental,
    Snow Elemental, Ice Elemental, Poison Elemental,
    Acid Elemental, Golden Elemental, Crystal Elemental,
    Energy Vortex, Sand Vortex and,

    Llama Vortex.

    How about even just them, too? 😉


    Daily Challenge is supposed to be VERY challenging, perhaps even impossible, haha. Your point about the skills being hard to raise is noted though, since in Daily Challenge your talent starts at 5600, it is very hard to raise skills right off the bat. I will look into fixing this.

    Thanks for playing, and DYING!

    Llama Vortex YES! Haha.


    I think that a Spyglass and a Solar Still do not work.

    Seawater is not yet purified even if it passes more than two days.
    In 1.6, It was purified in the evening if I put seawater in morning.
    However, this may be adjustment or specification or misunderstanding.
    We do not understand a bug or the specifications.

    The mini-map does not change even if I use the spyglass in “mid day”.
    I think of Quickslot and Zoom-in/out not to matter…


    The Spyglass issue has been fixed in the new weekly release. Also worth noting is that skill gain has been doubled in Daily Challenge mode in weekly as well based on your suggestion.

    I will check into the Solar Still issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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