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What would you like to see focused on first?

Well there is two ways you can go, and most of this is already in your dev map.  One is to increase the replayability of the “early” game by making each runthough a little different, so that each game challenges in unique ways. That’s the whole joy in procedurally generated maps, and much of the attraction of games like Dwarf Fortress and why “losing is fun!”  Additional biomes (your lava & snow) with differences in each of mobs & vegetation & botany would help that increase.  You already have sandstone deserts with oasises,  rocky mountain forests with mushrooms, so just a couple more “environments” and also an option for players who dislike one type of environment, have a means of finding others.   Not all resources should exist in any single biome,  so that players are required to explore. Also multiple ways to get to the same goal of “self-sustainability” (enough food, defense, resources to start experimenting more with intermediate content). And different game events that can happen in the earlier levels (weather etc) so that each time is a different game. This makes DYING more fun and less frustrating because it means you’ll be playing a completely different game each run though.

The second way is to increase the length of the game with more “sandboxy” intermediate & advanced content, as opposed to the “survival” elements of the early game. What does the player do once they won’t immediately starve or die to bears and have started amassing more plentiful resources.  This is things like exploration (beyond the need to find basic resources), treasure maps, etc. Things that the player can just putter around with for their own enjoyment. This is more diverse from player to player; some want “creative” and some want “discover” and some want “challenge”.  I may want a chicken farm but another player may want danger and challenges like crypts, lava beasts, dragons, more combat & strategy. Glasswork, pottery, new weapons and armor, new “endgame mobs” all are part of this. This is where the “sandbox” part of the game starts expanding so that every player might choose a different “game”.

I like both more diverse replayability  & sandbox options as both give me an excuse to play more!  Both  are already in your road map so maybe see what other players would like to see more of, as I would be happy with either (but elaborate construction and farming is probably my own preference).

Third issue I guess is also things like container & inventory management, bug fixes etc, which make the overall game experience more enjoyable for everyone, and especially that make the early game even more addicting for brand new players trying Wayward for the very first time.


So maybe a poll! 😀


** also, -way- down the road  perhaps if you accumulate enough “golden treasure”, the game has a random chance to spawn a dragon who is attracted to its location … and drops scales for dragon armor. Kind of a new “end game” goal to collect treasures for those who think they can beat anything …