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Hello, I love your game! I found it a long while ago, but I waited to try it again, until it had been updated a bit. 🙂
I just donated to you, will I get some special email or such?
Here are my suggestions/comments.

When mining rocks, cave entrances appearing is to common.
Tree saplings are to rare, and way to hard to see them on trees.
You should not take damage, stamina, & hunger drain, when you swim to far. There is no way to even know that you swam to far(for example when you just keep swimming & swimming in one direction with a high swim skill), and its very annoying to randomly teleport somewhere when you have as well.
I would love to have more music in the game.
Sandstone and some other resources are not always findable on some worlds, which makes progression stop alltogether.
What are the point of backpacks? Are they supposed to let you carry more things? If so there is a bug with them, as they didn’t let me carry more things..
I’m not sure how the decay on food numbers work, is there some tutorial or something? Perhaps make it easier to understand.
How do you put out the fires, or fight fire elementals?
Please add a better description of the raft and boat, so people know how to use them and what they are for, without ending up traveling somewhere, having not known.
Perhaps add rare npcs that you could find, that you can talk to, and perhaps get quests from.
How does one get purified water? What does it do?
Is there a way to protect your house from burning down, from the fire elementals?
Is there a way to carry a lot more weight at one time, besides gaining more strength?
Please add a way to create a map, so you can find your way if you get lost.
Most of the creatures in the game look fine, but I had a hard time figuring out what the chickens were when I first saw them.
Perhaps make the raft able to be sat on and controllable, it would reduce stamina drain, while in the water.
Add a way to fill in cave entrances.
Please make sharp rocks, also count as stones..
Planting/growing things, needs a good tutorial for new players.
Treasure maps, need a good tutorial for new players, also a warning about the monsters that will spawn, and it was extremely confusing figuring out where/how many times to dig once you’ve found the treasure spot.
Bulk containers would be nice, for all the multiple rocks, sand, dirt, leaves, twigs, bark, logs etc, that won’t fit in the small containers.
Besides the iron pickaxe, is there a tool you can mine with, that doesn’t require iron?
Add a warning when trying to play the game, that people that use Firefox with addons, may not be able to play the game correctly.
Perhaps, if you doubled the duration of tools, it wouldn’t be so annoying to have to make new ones every few minutes since they decay so fast, or make it so repairing them doesn’t take so much durability away from them.
Maybe add a chatbox on the game page, so we can talk to other people playing the game?
Maybe add a way to write messages in a bottle, and throw them in the ocean, and find other people’s messages along the shore?
Add more ambient sounds/effects.
Add more materials, so we can build a house that actually looks like one. 😉

Thanks for reading my post! 🙂