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Here’s some personal feedback on skills¬†

Lumberjacking: ¬†Good. Once we have saws, boards, log houses, fences, and more Woodworking items, this will be Excellent ūüôā

Mining: Excellent.  higher skill & better tool seems to give increased chances for more advanced materials such as Coal. Talc (needed for Blacksmithing etc)

Cooking: So-so. ¬†With no fails or material loss,this doesn’t seem a highly useful skill (though it can still be made “fun” which is ¬†just as good even better). Food seems a minor issue after the first early levels, so I think this skill still needs more fun somehow. Maybe later with things like frypans, dairy products, smoked/preserved goods, a “Legendary Fine Meal” ¬†might give some¬†pizzazz¬†to the skill even if only on a roleplay level (to me that’s even better than ‘uber skills’).

Camping: So-so. I assume you have less¬†frustrating¬† fails starting fires etc. Maybe a higher camping skill can also make¬†torches¬†last longer? I never used my bedroll after the first day though I like the idea of keeping the bedroll in there and not going direct to “resting” without one. I like the idea of an¬†overnight¬†shelter (leaves, poles, ropelike) that reduces but not eliminates ambushes at night.

Tinkering: Excellent. Apparently higher skill increased chances for Legendary tools – I made a pretty nice axe: with +4 to Lumjacking.

Tactical & Parrying : Excellent, saves your life when you have better to-hit and dodge. I had higher levels on an earlier character but currently, once you have iron weapons & gear, these become less important,. However with harder mobs coming down the road, these will become critically important. I have been switching to weaker gear just to give these a chance to raise as otherwise I one-hit everything and get no skill.

Mycology: Excellent. One of my favorite skills, I am almost worried it is “too good” but nerfing it much could just make it useless. I like setting up “remote outposts” with some mushrooms planted that I can make use of later while exploring.

Botony: Good. I can see this one becoming Excellent later on when some future content goes in, for now it seems fine. I like planting grass and having a few more things to play with will make this Excellent.

Throwing: Excellent. I recently started playing with this, once you get a little skill its very nice, was doing +3 on some hits and assume that will continue to rise. Would like to see darts added (arrowhead+pole, or bone) or even javelins.

Swimming: Excellent. I assume you lose less stamina at higher levels. so its a must for explorer types.

Archery + Fletching/Bowcraft: Good. I am just starting this due to a lack of feathers but once we have chicken farms and higher quality bows, I can see this becoming a Favorite Skill. Since arrows weigh the same as stones, I hope this gives better damage later than Throwing or it becomes easier just to pelt things with rocks.  Arrows might be a little heavy, not sure.  Kind of an Advanced skill and need to take sare it does not become overpowered.

Woodworking: Ok. I am assuming future content will make this much better.

Blacksmithing: Good. I used iron gear on an earlier character but until harder mobs go in, you don;t really need this much except for an iron spear, otherwise you become so¬†overpowered¬†most of the fun is gone. I used iron tools on an earlier character but frankly it’s easier just to make Poor¬†stone¬†tools and replace them more, especially since Repair got nerfed some (which it needed). I am guessing with the chance of Legendary Gear + harder content, this could become Excellent.

Stonecrafting: Fair. Maybe more important later? You don’t really fail ¬†so it seems mostly useful for raising stats like Strength.

Leatherworking: Good. I have been using leather armor for its lighter weight, and I might use up some hides trying for Legendary Leather Armor. Seeing that Axe with the +4 to Lumbercraft got me psyched about getting other good gear ^_^

Fishing:  ??  I need to experiment with this more. Since I live mostly on mushrooms now, I am guessing this will be better as a way of fishing up Curious Items that can only be obtained via fishing. Since it uses almost no stamina, it is a nice activity to switch to when you are too low on stamina for more exerting activities, which is a big plus.

Cartography: Good. ¬†I wasn’t¬†much¬†into using treasure maps but I can see this as being a favorite for others. Once we have paper & ink (squids from fishing?) , it would be great to be able to make my own maps of areas I have¬†traveled¬†through (maybe you need to stop periodically to refine¬†maps¬†with noise & missing details; I’d rather not see maps auto-generate but instead require some effort & skill from the player. I got lost a lot while exploring so once I can make my own maps this will become Excellent.

Clay-throwing & Glassblowing: too little¬†applicable¬†content to judge. Made a kiln and glass flasks etc but this is clearly “unfinished content” still.


I only started with Beta 1.01, so I “missed out” on losing resources on catastrophic fails. I have mixed feelings as I can see why that was overly frustrating but it also reduces the impact of skills overall. Maybe a¬†higher¬†failure rate at lower craftwork skills only because you no longer lose any mats. This makes higher skill more of a reward, similar to how lighting campfires gets easier at¬†higher¬†skill. I think Mining/Lumber/Fishing/etc all have this built in, I am more thinking of the skills like woodworking/stoneworking etc.

The game is currently fun & addicting but it’s the upcoming content that will really be making this game a real gem. Right now you mostly get a taste of where things are going, which is exciting because you can see so much thought put into little details. ¬†Players still need more “personal projects” to putter with once they have basic food+shelter needs met, I have been making an¬†underground¬†park with grass and trees and sanded paths ^_^ but that chicken ranch you promised ¬†is appealing, esp as I can then work a little more with fletching/archery. Plus sheep for Tailoring and cows for cheese and leather.