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didn’t realize there was already a suggestions thread.


moving mine here from the other one:

more useful stuff to make out of logs?  maybe a log wall?
 i often end up using stone walls as “doors” in and out of areas im enclosing.  an actual door i could build or something, maybe a draw bridge?  idk.  itd be nice.
itd be neat if at some point monsters walked out of cave entrances or like followed you out idk if they do that already
if monsters went and rooted around your shit if you had food stored there.  so if you had a home base set up and went off exploring maybe you come back and find something nasty ruckin around your stuff unless you have walls
i just lit a bunch of rocks on fire without any kindling / combustible stuff
some kind of text search for recipes — its really hard to find stuff right now when you have a lot

aaaand new ones

certain bigger badder monsters could hunt smaller ones — could be like wolves/bears hunting rabbits, zombies hunting everything else, etc
this is a bigger thing, but upping the general adventure gaminess of this could be super fun.  could have multi level caves or citadels with actual monsters, maybe progressively harder ones, etc.