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I had to register just to say this is an excellent game, and drop a quick suggestion in here.


I’d like to see some kind of compass to get back to a designated area and although implementation would be ‘any-that-works’ I do have an idea.  a 2 part construction requiring magnetic ore, one would be a lodestone which sets the focus and a secondary pointer which would be carried around and placed in the world to give a bearing on the lodestone.

I’d also like to see a higher tier of crafting such as pure water gathering machinery etc, possibly traps around a base, and also the option of digging down and manufacturing your own basement.

Some other thoughts are; ability to name chests (hover to show a tooltip: aka stone/wood/tools etc), and maybe a simple zone map for when you change areas so you can return to your base area easier (not sure if thats possible, I went exploring once I had full iron equipment without considering a return), the choice to chisel out stone/sandstone to convert it to walls without digging it away for a third of the construction materials (new tool?).


Again, amazing game!  I’m glad it’s under development still as the 6 hours it took me to maximise my equipment and begin making a large complex left me feeling a little like I was forcing my own fun rather than finding it as I expanded.