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Wonderful, thanks for the response. As it happens, I have some more suggestions, with regards to daylight and fire, that should be reasonably easy to implement:

• The light outside should redden around dawn and dusk. And the dusk and dawn should be a bit more brief, following a realistic daily curve.

• When inside a cave, the cave entrance should act as a light source, with an intensity based on the light level outside.

• An open flame should illuminate its surroundings based on its intensity.

• Perhaps, while outside, the player character could have a small shadow with a length, darkness, and direction based on the time of day. Ideally, every tile with “height” should have this, but I can see how this could be a drain on both developer time and browser response.

I have a substantial background in physics and astrophysics, so I can give you RGB values or even a function to give realistic values, if you don’t care to do it yourself.