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The bow flummoxed me at first also, here is how it works. If you have the bow equipped and arrows in inventory  it will “autoshoot” as soon as you push a movement key in any direction that has a valid target in range.  Just face the target and then use WASD keys to shoot, if there is no valid target in that direction, nothing happens except you move as normal.

May not be the best system as it is NOT very intuitive,  I think I was expecting to doubleclick the bow or something, but with a little practice it works “ok”.

Also I did not realize for the longest time, that we could move campfires around by digging them up — this was very helpful once I read someone else referring to it 🙂 A lit campfire sometimes makes a nice temporary door to keep mobs out of an area while also providing some light.  So maybe a “Tips and Tricks” thread (or maybe the wiki’s “Getting Started: Tips” section is best for this)

I haven’t yet had the huge mob swarm issue much, not sure why unless it is just because I tend to start on fairly big islands so maybe they are just spreading out more, but I have certainly heard other people mention this also so you are not alone. I think one suggestion he is considering, is to have mobs sometimes attack each other which would get their numbers down somewhat.