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@mrbadboy Thanks for the words and suggestions!

Balance is a hard part with a game this open, and this random. This will be further refined with each update. The algorithms will become more complex and more context-sensitive. The other challenge with that is, we also have to account for when mechanics change as well. What happens to that pre-defined balance when the change goes in for creatures to be able to path-find (find a route around obstacles)? Eventually, the balance will be there, but only in time.

The todo list is pretty big currently. There is about 6+ versions worth of changes to be done if we just go with what is on there now, but it constantly grows, haha.

The following is on the todo:

Tabbed/categorized crafts.
Player-based poisoning.
More ores.
Agriculture is very half-implemented currently. There’s plans to simulate gardening more accurately, but also to balance it.
The world has a lot of work to be done to it before I’m happy. There’s some ideas about it here:
Aberrants were added in 1.5, you can think of those are the mini-bosses for now 🙂
More structures, more templates and dungeons are planned.
Tile/environment-specific spawning.

So it looks like all your points are being worked on 🙂

As you mentioned, the sky is the limit with a game like this, and I am interested in this aspect the most. Unfortunately Wayward is a very part-time thing at the moment, but who knows what the future holds 🙂