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Yeah, I had a good feeling. A lot of what I pointing out. Was and going to be planed already. As expected with many games still in development. I just wished to bring more insight to them. As any one would to share their thoughts about the game, in its current state.

I’m happy to see that a lot of what I’d like to see and many others. Will and is going to be implemented in the future patches.

Relating to the world topic, with the link you linked. I can see their has been a lot of thoughts, on this for some time. I can’t say I’m in complete agreement with most of the ideas. But the idea, that you kind of are lost in these tropics. With having at least one big main land. With many other random size islands. Seems like the most ideal way to go about it. Having just one huge landmass, well, just isn’t as fun. Who wouldn’t want to explore in to the deep oceans. That random effect, that. You can sail to other islands and maybe find some more unique lands. I think because of the lack of enough content. Is making it tougher for world generation. I’m sure with time and more environment implements. With more work to be done on world generation. It will be flushed out over time.

I just hope it isn’t going to end up with only one huge landmass. With only a few smaller islands. The game really needs that randomness still. So that each spawn is still very unique in its own way. With a large enough world to explore. To where you really feel like theirs a lot more out there then meets the eye. So keeping the idea. Still having tons and tons of more islands to explore. But at least having a few very large landmasses on each map. Like with any groups of islands in many parts in the real world.

Because their is still much to be done. I hope to maybe bring better and newer ideas to the table. In the future.