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I started hitting a ton of errors after I took a bull boat and went to another island (had no idea it was going to change maps or mean I could never go back to my main base … but oh well). Anyway even though it keep showing errors the game seemed to play ok so I kept going. Then I decided maybe if I saved and exited and restarted, it would clear things up.

When I logged back in, all of my equipped gear was in inventory and I started equipping it(which triggered new error messages again as each item was equipped) and I noticed that my attack/defense ratings were not going up. So I had my character rest with the leaf bedroll and that updated the stats ok but almost every single action I take, triggers errors reports now.

Also this was using the downloaded client as I prefer a standalone client, I installed to c:\games\wayward but it doesn’t seem to be keeping any files there or any saveddata etc. Checked also in my documents\my games and appdata/roaming but I can;t seem to find any indication it is actually running as a standalone client   What is the filepath that the save game data is storing at?


Anyway if I can give any additional data let me know, otherwise looks like I’ll have to take a break for a few days and leave you to troubleshoot ^_^