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Thank you for your answer,

I will try to not use the skills bugs since I don’t like it because if you die your talent numbers and basic stats reset but your skills, if they are already high make it harder to get stats up unless “stats up” simply have a random chance to happenning.

I understands that you don’t want to market your game too much since its in beta which is why I asked, but when you think your games is ready enough then it might be a good idea to ask paulsoaresjr to make a test drive of it since he really like survival game and the rogue-like aspect might be even better for him.

A small question: is it much harder to get health and weight upgrade by training skill or is it that some skill no longer help those stats?

p.s: it feel like the chance of learning new recipes when crafting is a bit to high but maybe it just me who too used to how it was in alpha 1.5, but the system itself,I do appreciate it.