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A bit more after having found enough treasure to return home twice (does that mean I win?)




Swimming through the ocean, it suddenly became very dark. Tried sleeping a couple thousand turns did not bring daylight back.

I often seem require to clean blood off something ive killed before i can carve it, then clean up the remaining blood.

Attempting to throw a rock with no target, “You are not facing a valid object to throw this that”


I wish I could find more bark items sooner. I usually dont find any until I already have a full leather suit.

Setting the woods/grass on fire seems like a cheap mechanic, and defeats the purpose of the lit campfire. It could possibly be disallowed to make charcoal a rarity (e.g. only fire elementals can cause forest fires), then giving charcoal some higher value (see below). Also it would be nice if any item could be thrown into a fire to destroy it.

There is too much animal fat, and not enough uses for it. Perhaps it could be replace with a random drop from a pool of fat/bones/etc? Seriously I always have mountains of the stuff.

On Iron items, first, pig iron should be renamed to wrought iron. Pig iron is used to make cast iron, neither are forgeable in reality, as they are too brittle.

Iron items currently dont seem worth the time/effort. Attack and durability are higher, true, but not high enough to make a bunch of normal spears obsolete. I propose the following:

Abovementioned ‘wrought iron (pig iron)’ should be forgeable directly (no need to make ingots) with limestone (which seems more common than talc).

This would open up the possibility for elite-tier Steel items, which could require ‘wrought iron’, talc (made more rare), and charcoal (see above)

It might be interesting if treasure guardians were special semi-unique boss-types?