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I have hit this particular problem several times now, the FIRST time I noticed this was when I was in a simple underground dungeon on my starting island, it was night time and I was doing some mining to work upon my skills, I was using the large rocks to make stones for cobblestone tiles and combining some of them to make campfires to illuminate the local underground environment.

The ‘an error has occurred’ message hit and then I have several glitches corrupt my saved game, most notable was an offset postioning of the environment that was a few spaces off from what my screen was showing me, I restarted a couple of times and then found that all my moving of rock on the TOPSIDE map had been undone, chests were still in their set positions but I now hoe to dig them out of the rock to access them.

Another game day or two passed before the ‘an error has occurred’ message popped up again and rendered my save completely useless as a black screen with only my charcter inventory showing.