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Unfortunately, without a huge amount of re-tooling, mobile stuff probably isn’t going to happen with 2.0, at least not right away – our focus is the desktop players just based on majority. It’s not optimized yet of course, but we are looking at 200MB of VRAM, and 150,000k of normal RAM, but those are constant no matter what zoom level you are in, it renders the same way regardless of zoom level. We could probably get the VRAM way lower if we chunk-up some of the rendering though, as I said, it’s not optimized.

What VRAM should we be shooting for, for “newer” mobile platforms? I can’t seem to find any good info on it.

We aren’t using a library currently. It appears as though Pixi.js didn’t allow us the freedom and capabilities we needed for many of the improvements in 2.0. Are you familiar with WebGL at all? Would love for you to check out 2.0 if you could help.