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I can’t edit the post again, so I’ll add the redacted parts here:

player.dexterity is for stamina, starvation for hunger and dehydration for thirst. strength also affects carry weight.

Here’s version one of the lazy button, as well as the Bark button:

 $("#optionswindow").on("click", '#instantMiracle', function () { = player.strength;
	player.stamina = player.dexterity;
	player.hunger = player.starvation;
	player.thirst = player.dehydration; 
	}); //Sets respective stat to its max.
$("#optionswindow").append('<button type="button" id="instantMiracle">I Want To Live!</button>'); 
$("#optionswindow").append('<button type="button" id="getBark">Bark</button>'); 
$("#optionswindow").on("click", '#getBark', function () {
		type: "treebark",
		quality: "Random"
	}, 'silent');

I must apologize; I proposed these changes to the mod without James’ or Andy’s permission beforehand. I will ask before I propose any more changes from now on.