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Hello, new to the forums. I am using Firefox 32.0 (This happened in 31.0 as well, funny enough I was checking which version I had when it auto-updated with the “about” window coming up, but the error still occurred).

I’ve been enjoying Wayward quite a bit, unfortunately I got this error on trying to start the game after I had saved manually and quit:

TypeError: player.calculateEquipmentStats is not a function

To elaborate, in this particular file I had played for some several hours dying several times, getting several recipes. I had the container bug where a backpack I placed items in would not let me take them out.

I died and played a few more times, got the bug again with a small bag, and afterwards I decided to save manually then exit the game hoping it would clear the bug.

What happened was I was greeted upon bringing up the page with the title as normal, then when I pressed “Continue Game” , nothing happened, I waited, then pressed the button again, nothing. I clicked off the main menu box and saw that the loading clock was running on and on, and a few boxes were up that I did have up before, being the equipment, inventory and crafting boxes, but nothing else.

When I used the web console as recommended to see the error, oddly enough the title screen went away, the game was still frozen, but I saw the aforementioned windows, and objects that were placed in the world and my character, all up against a black void.

EDIT: I tried to delete my saved game data on the chance it would do… something. Sadly I still get the same error, except nothing appears when the web console is brought up. Ah well.

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