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sorry been working hard to get time to check stuff heh

anyhow you could do a player.x and player.y to see if a player is in a area and run off of that as for the code and learning if you use google crome while playing browser game press F12 this will bring up the crome elements console from there is a list of tabs “Elements, Netowrk,Sources,Timeline” etc etc select sources on the left will be a few things to look at you will see in the box select it and go from there in this order>wayward>js and in the js folder you will se a few javascripts player.js audio etc etc use them to read the game’s code this will allow you to update your work faster ^_~ and maybe help you figure out a few things 🙂 remember to have the game open i the browser and press f12 to bring up the menu also at the bottom left you will see the word console below that a blue > if you click next to it you can run commands in game aka would instantly heal you if you take a step or spawn items via it etc just keep in mind you must walk ingame for the commands to take effect most of the time. but hope this helps enjoy