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No, I’ve never seen this much rotten meat in all the many hours of playing the game. It was literally 900+ lbs of rotten meat. I had to scroll pretty far down my inventory to find the bottom. At the time I had no rotten meat at all on me. At first I thought you had added a buff that after swimming you weighed more because you were wet. I had about 68 lbs in my inventory and swam through a cave lake. Suddenly it said I had 96 lbs on me but there was nothing new in my inventory or backpack. I managed to drag myself back to base and dumped my inventory all around me. Immediately afterwards it said I had over 900 lbs on me and it increased if I moved to over 1000 lbs. When I opened my inventory it was nothing but rotten meat. I couldn’t dump it out since it would fill the ground around me and so I moved and died.