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Hello everyone,
Here are some comments on 1.7.3.
– the spyglass behaves strangely near the border of the map. when using it at a fixed number of steps from the border, it displays the present map (instead of an all blue sea).
– some minor quirks with articles in messages, sometimes badly capitalised (“you picked up A Branch”), sometimes should not be present (“you hit A Kraken for 11 damage with your An Iron Pick-Axe!”

– backpack containers do not behave as wooden coffers, and it’s counter intuiitive: when a backpack is opened, one would expect right-clicking on an item from the inventory to move that item in the backpack, and instead it drops the item in front of the player.
– with the tremendous speed gain in this version, sometimes the player moves twice with what is intended as only one key hit.
– dark items are barely visible over the new black background in inventory: spiders, carbon powder, wrought iron objects…
– laying down sand over deep sea creates a sand tile as if floating on top of deep sea: If then one dig the sand back, the deep sea tile reappears. (one would expect the sand to fall down in deep sea and either disappear, or lower the sea depth)
– the fire drill (fire plough, etc.) description says that its use “may require” kindling, tinder and fuel “depending on the circumstances”, yet it seems it always require all three of them for lighting fire?

I don’t seem to gather treasures at all. I found location of all the maps I obtained, and opened each locked chests (with treasure guardians), but in none of them were golden items, and I cannot travel with the bull boat.

That’s all I can think of for now. Thanks for fixing previous bugs, and thanks for this great game!