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I’ve found a bug with blindfish (the fishes in caves). I managed to corner one in a hook and upon attacking it I got a message that I killed it, then “An error has occured” or something. The fish did not die, but each attack it “dropped” a raw blindfish item. Repeatedly attacking I also kept picking up the cuts while also killing it (eg. endless fish).
Could be the same with trouts, I never managed to get close to one.

Also not really a bug but in my very first game I started on a group of small islands with absolutely no rocks. And unless you know that a shovel is very important (which no one would think, honestly) its highly unlikely you will use your 2 rocks to craft one. In short, I had no way to craft or even get food once my stone knife wore out. So maybe there could be a way to sharpen a piece of wood to prevent such dead ends?