Introducing Wayward Free

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As many (if not all) of you know, Wayward beta 2.0 was launched on Steam last week. We’re actually already up to 2.0.2 with 2.0.3 underway. It’s been a crazy few days for us, but I’ll probably save that for another post.

Today, I just wanted to highlight the fact that Wayward as it existed before 2.0 remains available online for all to play, for free, hence the renaming to Wayward “Free”. We didn’t have the opportunity to showcase this amidst the launch of 2.0, but this free version also got an update, which is why the version number bumped up from 1.9.2 to 1.9.3.

Here’s the 1.9.2 to 1.9.3 changelog:

  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow you to see all the hints if using “Previous Hint”.
  • Fixed a bug where repairing/reinforcing an item would not remove red durability marker.
  • Fixed all container errors possibly.
  • Removed all old references/links from hints/help.
  • Fixed an error displaying when hovering over/using Ectoplasm.
  • Fixed an issue where Bedrolls were not giving a sleeping bonus if they were in first inventory spot.
  • Fixed items not reducing in durability if they were in the first inventory spot.
  • Fixed an error if you tried to preserve on empty tile.
  • Fixed an issue where the Black Powder message was not used at all.

In comparison, check out the changes from 1.9.2 to 2.0:

This free version will remain free forever, but you probably won’t see any further significant changes to it. Maybe, things here and there as needed. The source code is technically available for tinkerers and modders to play with, or even fix possible future issues.

The Wayward Mods section also will also remain to exist and be updated as needed.

Wayward Beta 2.0 Released!

Steam Release Banner

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the release of Wayward Beta 2.0 on Steam!

It’s been a long road (longer than we had hoped for) with many additional things we wanted to get in the game before releasing. We wanted the step from 1.9.2 to 2.0 to be significant and meaningful in comparison and we hope that we have achieved that in the minds of old and new players alike.

There’s no time for a break though! Wayward Beta 2.0 on Steam marks a new era for Wayward – one with continual and faster updates once again. There’s no plans of stopping development for Wayward, with plenty left on the todo. We hope that you come a long for the ride and never stop posting feedback!

Beta 2.0 Changelog

Modding Guide Now Available

Are you down to mod Wayward beta 2.0? We now have a written guide on how to get started available on GitHub. But you’ll have to wait until the 22nd to fully test of course! 😢

We also released the source code for the full set of our internal/test/example mods (some of them already available on Steam Workshop):

As with most things Wayward, this is a working draft, and we will continue to improve and expand on the guide and the modding system in general. Let us know your thoughts/questions!

Special Donator Communication

Today, we have sent out a special email to all the previous Wayward donators.

I am posting this here just in case some of you have not received it. Many of the emails date back as far as 2012; I realize many of the emails may not even be active or in use any longer. If this is the case for you, please contact me as soon as possible.

To answer a question I get a couple times here and there: Donations for Wayward have been disabled for awhile now, and we have no plans to re-open them.

Wayward Beta 2.0 Steam Announcement

Steam Announcement Banner

The day has finally come. We can finally confirm the date for the Steam Early Access release of Wayward.

Wayward will be released on April 22nd, 2016. We have a new trailer here:

We have a new website here:

And of course, our brand new Steam page is here:

Oh, and that Discord thing? Yep, we are doing that too now! Come hang out and chat!

Two of the questions I get asked the most is “When is Beta 2.0 coming out?” and the next one is “Is this dead? What is taking so long?”. Well, you now know the answer to the first one, and for the second, wait… that’s actually two questions. Jeez, one at a time please. It’s a bit of a long explanation. But here goes:

I (and everybody now involved) work on Wayward as a part-time hobby. Because I found a couple new guys to help me on the project, beta 2.0 has taken a lot longer than I thought. We have scrapped most of the old code. We have a brand new rendering engine (new graphics), we have a fully-featured modding system/support (through Steam Workshop), and a lot of things were re-written. This is on top of the massive changelog of other new features/changes and fixes.

New updates will not take a year+ to bring out. And because we are on Steam now, those updates will get pushed out sooner than before and make their way to everybody, automatically (well, if you have auto updates on Steam). We will also be doing a special developer branch in case you want to try brand new shiny features before everybody else. Steam Workshop will also make it easy for players to make their own changes, add content, features and more – and you can add it to your game in two clicks.

Yes, Wayward is Early Access, and Wayward is beta. Early Access can get a bad rap on Steam. Early Access means the exact same thing as beta does to us. I have no plans to stop development on Wayward. I hope our work over the past 4-5 years has convinced you of this.

Thanks to all that have helped on Wayward in some way over the years! Your support is awesome!

Stay tuned!

An Update!

Some of you are getting antsy about beta 2.0, and rightfully so. Our default answer about when it’s coming out is “soon”. It’s mostly been said as a type of “in-joke”, but I can see how that would be a bit frustrating if you weren’t in on it. So when is beta 2.0 coming out?

The truth is, we don’t know. That is why we say “soon”. You could replace that with “when it’s ready”, “when it’s out”, or any other form of indeterministic sayings. When we know, you will know. The Steam page will be up where our release date will be shown to all.

For now, we can offer some new screenshots and some updates to what I said in the last developer log and the last post.

Oh ya, and it really is “soon” now, as you can see by the nearly barren Trello. We are in final testing and polishing mode.


Updates of Note

  • You can now drag and drop to the ground from your inventory.
  • You can now place containers within containers.
  • Crafting now will look through containers in your inventory to find valid items for recipes.
  • Containers will now show their contained item weight in the title/tooltip.
  • You can now use items from containers inside your inventory.
  • You can now sort crafts by category (shows up in unique formatted listing). Many new item categories added with this change.
  • A completely overhauled interface/UI has been implemented with new art and design.
  • Craft recipes will now unlock if you have only a single of each item required in the craft.
  • You can now “Drop All” in to water.
  • Fog of war added (black areas that you have not yet explored).
  • A new dither style of fog of war/line of sight has been added. You can toggle between the two via options.
  • All monsters now have facing direction graphics and attack animations.

This is just a taste of things to come. You can read about the other things in the Changelog as per usual.

Experiments with FOV/LOS/Dithering

If you’ve missed our last social updates with the field of the view, line of sight and other lighting things, here’s a handy history of stuff since our last progress video:

I’m here tonight to showcase some new experiments done by Sassafrass that plays around with a neat dithering effect. We have also done away with the limited black radius around the character, and re-added the mini-map functionality, in a new way, while zooming out. There’s also some lighting changes thrown in for good measure. Without further ado:

Dithering Preview #1 - Daytime

Dithering Preview #2 - Daytime

Dithering Preview #3 - Night

Dithering Preview #4 - Cave

Dithering Preview #5 - Cave Lighting

Wayward Developer Log #11 + Newsletter Updates

Beta 2.0 Progress Video

I do that thing I do and ramble on about the upcoming beta 2.0 changes.

You can view the full beta 2.0 changelog here.


Many of you have probably noticed a subscribe option on the site when commenting or registering. I was eventually going to use this feature to mail out announcements and the like.

Unbeknownst to me, this wasn’t actually saving any data, so it looks like we are going to start over. If you want to keep in the know on everything Unlok and Wayward, then you can head on over here to subscribe:

Coming in Beta 2.0: New Graphics

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update on the blog. As some of you know, I have been streaming Wayward development quite a lot, but otherwise, I haven’t been doing the proper blog updates. A lot has been done for 2.0 so far, and while we are getting close, there’s still a long road ahead from the looks of it. For day to day updates, make sure to check out the Trello Todo page. If you want to see how much work has gone into 2.0 so far, make sure to scroll through the giant “Done” list. Wayward is not dead.

You may also notice the immediate Wayward team has grown a bit in the last little while. We now have 5 active contributors with us:

  • Sassafrass (Programming)
  • Spacetech (Programming)
  • Dusty “Goaticide” Melling (Illustrations, Art)
  • Vaughn “Drath” Royko (Design, Programming, Art, Sound, Public Relations, Website)
  • Richard “Orillian” Hobson (Programming)

But enough about that, here’s a preview of what Wayward looks like so far in beta 2.0 through the help of the new Wayward team! Keep in mind, it’s still a work in progress (no lighting/no line of sight).

Beta 2.0 Graphics Preview #1

Beta 2.0 Graphics Preview #2

Beta 2.0 Graphics Preview #3

Not only does it look better with all of it’s fancy tile-mapping and new graphics, it also performs better. Wayward has moved to WebGL, making rendering blazing fast. None of this would be possible without the help from Sassafrass, Spacetech or Goaticide, so special thanks for them are in order.

Stay tuned for more “Coming in Beta 2.0” posts.