Wayward Beta 1.2 Released!

It’s that time again! The new version of the Wayward beta has been released and is ready for your consumption. Unlike the last version, your 1.1+ saves should be safe!

Desert oasis.

Some of the greatest stuff from this update:

  • Wooden walls, floors and DOORS!
  • Brand new fishing system.
  • Fullscreen game display (with optional small screen and other performance options).
  • Line of sight added. SPOOKY!

Read the rest of the beefy list here:

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28 thoughts on “Wayward Beta 1.2 Released!”

  1. Is it possible to get the even smaller screen back as a third screensize option? Both the fullscreen and the smaller one seem too zoomed for me. I really liked the original size… Also, I can’t seem to do anything. I can’t cut down trees at all.

  2. Great and all but.. how do I get rid of items now? Do I still set them on fire or something?
    And also, how to get “Saplings” and “Grass Seeds”? After the last update I couldn’t get even one from the trees.
    One last thing for now, maybe it’s just me but, isn’t a little rare to find Sandstone? I mean, sand and stones are so plentifull, but a sandstone it’s so impossible to find. In all the times I’ve played I’ve only found it 5 walls of sandstone in the middle of a desert.

    • Saplings spawn around forest areas usually. They still might be a bit rare though. Grass seeds come from grass tiles, just try digging them up! Sandstone chances are completely random. Sometimes worlds are completely full of sandstone, others, not quite so much. I understand the frustration here since some things require it. This will be improved over time. Another solution is to travel to another area (new map) by completing the end goal.

      • 1 – Yeah, I guess I’m just getting bad luck then, switched maps today and yet another map full of mountains and only 5 tiles of Sandstone so far (all I needed though).
        2 – And snow… there is snow now, don’t know what to do with it yet, but cool.
        3 – Wrought Irons, not the same as pig irons right? Different recipe to make them too?
        4 – I really need a way to destroy items. There is just too many of them and not ennough space on the ground to keep burning them.

        • Wrought iron is the same as pig iron, it just makes a bit more sense realism wise. You need charcoal for it now. Coming up in the next patch I’ll finally have a way to destroy items besides burning them 🙂

  3. Nice update you made – thank you:)
    Can you describe how fishing system working?
    We have Spear \ Fishing Rod \ Fishing net for fishing right?
    Are they equal to each other?

    Sand Cast Flask as stated in wiki needed for armor and metal tools\weapons – but in 1.1 version i made them without it – it changed now? Maube its weight can be reduced? 8 too much i think^)

    • Fishing now requires you to visually see the fish. All fishing tools are equal except for fishing rods which allow you to catch a fish from 6 tiles away.

      You can make Wrought Iron armor/weapons without the Sand Cast Flask. True Iron armor/weapons will need the cast.

  4. And one more question – can game be run as set of html\js files from browser?
    In that way download will be smaller and crossplatform by default?

      • I use offline version)
        after you run game in TEMP folder node-webkit create folder with unpacked content of nw.pak file – as i understand it is game files – so i started them in my chrome but got some errors. What i mean – can you create version that can be used as is without node-webkit and from my chrome\chromium browser ?

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but equipping a torch while by a campfire underground creates an odd effect where (I’m guessing) the light range of the two sources conflict, with the torch making the tiles near you darker than they should be, but the campfire still lighting up tiles farther out.

    New version is great, of course. I was a bit leery of visibility (and still not entirely sold on moving away from the central window), but it adds interesting balance to the game.

    Although, in terms of creating a line of defense, is there any reason not to just have a line of doors next to each other? Other than how ridiculous it would look, of course.

    • You are indeed correct! Definitely a bug!

      You can return to the old game size in the options if you want it a bit more condensed.

      Hey, if you want, you can make a whole 9×9 grid of doors. It would look pretty silly, but it works to keep monsters away. House of doors!

  6. i added some bugs to the bug list about tattered maps. i will add more if i see more. also trash disposal is super neccecary. currently i use a giant checkered field of grass, which works great and has e benifit of providing a steady supply of charcoal. the game gets too easy once i have wrought iron, theres almost no point in making real iron since i can beat any enemy in wrought iron, even hordes of them. also i cant find any talc anyway.

    • Your comments have been noted and everything will hopefully be a bit better in 1.3 or whatever it’s called 🙂

  7. can constructed floors be immune to floor affecting monsters? a bogling ruined my beutifal sandstone walkway.

    • There’s a change coming up that saves tiles on top of tiles that will most likely solve most of your issues with this.

    • A big “Thank You” to whoever it was that showed you.

      Virtual High Five!

      The more people that see Wayward and like it, the more fulfilled our lives will be making it. :?B OK, maybe not, but it is nice to know more people are finding and enjoying Wayward! Welcome!

      Wayward Code Monkey

  8. Fantastic game! It feels pretty balanced to me actually. The only way in which I could imagine it being better would be it being longer!

    And maybe to sort the items that you can not craft in order of primitiveness. Helps finding an item, for instance when you want to know its prerequisites.


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