Wayward Beta 1.0 Released!

The wait is over! Wayward Beta 1.0 is now live. Remember how your worlds didn’t save in Alpha 1.5? NO MORE!

Play here:


Downloadable version:


*UPDATE* Beta 1.0.1 has been pushed to online and download copies that fixes a bug to do with dialogΒ re-sizing. If you are having an issue not being able to resize the dialog windows, please grab a new copy.

Besides that very large change, there’s more goodies, such as:

  • Cooking on any fire source.
  • No more catastrophic failures (resulting in lost items) on crafting, planting, etc.
  • Discover new crafts dynamically by crafting or finding instructional scrolls.
  • Stand-alone executable (Windows only, for now).
  • Legendary (magical) items are now craftable.
  • Right click to get information on any given tile.
  • Lots of performance fixes.
  • Quicker skill gains and skill gains on failures.
  • As always, more items, monsters, recipes, tiles and more!

There’s a HUGE changelog of all the changes in Beta 1.0 if you want to take a look here:


Stay tuned for 1.1. I have many more ideas and with the help of the new “second in command”,Β Frank Orechio – we are working hard to add that extra “oomph” to the gameplay in Wayward.

24 thoughts on “Wayward Beta 1.0 Released!”

  1. From what I have played in the last hour, this game is already amazing πŸ˜€ (and I don’t think I have even accomplished anything yet)

  2. This is an absolute gem of a game!

    Yes the 1.01 patch does fix unmovable windows.

    It’s great fun to spawn on a desert island with just sand and sandstone and go travelling day and night for trees and rock πŸ˜€

    Best of luck, found this on the Bay12 Dwarf Fortress forums, It’d be a good idea to show your face, the guys there love to get dirty with the devs

  3. enjoying playing this, some of the new changes are really quite good. Maybe I’ll remember to actually pass on the various commentary I’ve been intending to compile since alpha .3

    One quick idea, assuming it’s not in there already – now that there’s rotting vegetation, maybe the player could combine it with rotting meat and leaves (and perhaps water) to form compost? This could act as more powerful Fertile Soil, or perhaps even be a ground tile that raises the fertility/healthiness of all plants in a 1-tile radius (but which perhaps has decay).

    Will animal/monster behavior be a focus in the next few updates, or is it a longer term goal? A lot could be done with this – predator animals prioritizing prey-types over fighting the player, the ability to drop raw meat to distract bears/wolves, slimes preferring to move towards rotting food/corpses when possible, imps trying to snatch treasures that have been left laying around, etc. I have no idea how hard new AI routines would be to implement given the current state of the game, but I think making enemy behavior more unpredictable/nuanced could help the game’s long-term appeal.

    • There’s definite plans for gardening/farming improvements as you mentioned. Monster AI is definitely a longer-term goal, but it’s also on the to-do for sure. As you mention, there’s lots of systems, all of which can be more complex, more dynamic. All I need is time πŸ™‚

      • Actually I want to add a door to my hut so enemies (except zombies) would be unable to disturb my character’s resting (6+2 branches, 4 rope-like items should be enough to craft it).

  4. Fantastic game. I can see this picking up steam at a tremendous speed. Is there any plan to expand into other platforms? I feel it has great potential as an android app later on down the line. Good luck guys, your on to gold here.


    truly a decent game.
    dont get many of those these days πŸ™‚

    been playing all day and have *just* got a decent base up.

  6. Very nice to see such an entertaining game being developed in pure HTML5!

    The only thing I’ve found so far that just plain blatantly “doesn’t work” is audio – I get neither sound-effects nor music. (Firefox 19.0 beta). What format are the music and sound files in?

      • I’d be interesting in hearing what you figure out audio on the web is a (casual, amateur) “pet cause” of mine, so I suspect it’d be educational for me.

        I’m looking forward to watching this project grow. If it’s distributed under compatible terms (or you can talk the authors into allowing it), you could probably import a lot of appropriately adaptable artwork from a project like Crossfire for it.


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