Multiplayer (Beta 2.5) Testing Now Underway!

Multiplayer (Beta 2.5) Testing Now Underway!

Hey all,

As some of you may already know (as I mentioned it quietly on the Steam forums), multiplayer is now live for testing on the development branch!

It’s still pretty early, and probably a bit buggy, which is where all the testers come in! We always look to the community to report any issues they are having, and very much appreciate it! And now with multiplayer, or just beta 2.5 in general, we probably have a giant batch of new issues to resolve. In terms of multiplayer, we are currently on the look-out for “desyncs”; issues that cause the players to become desynchronized from the server (or host player). If you’ve spotted one, make sure to send us your logs and any steps you think either the host or client (connecting) players took to make it happen. Don’t know how to send logs? I did a small write-up in this guide about it under “Opening and sharing the Wayward log file” here:

If you are more technically inclined, you can also find the logs directly in your console. Just search for “Synchronization issues!”, and it will be a big block of information that you can copy+paste.

There is some optimization still to be done, and some of the sync checking stuff we have enabled for testing does increase CPU/network usage, so if you notice lag, it’s most likely that or you are just simply too far away from the client. You can use the “/ping” chat command to see your latency.

Looking to test it out for yourself? I wrote a little warning (back-up your saves, yo!) and guide on how to switch to the development branch in this post:

Full changelog of beta 2.5 available so far here:

Our internal/public todo listing is available here if you want to see what has already been reported:

Everything under the “2.5 “Kinship” Todo” column is stuff yet to do (and bugs to fix).

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!

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