An Update!

Some of you are getting antsy about beta 2.0, and rightfully so. Our default answer about when it’s coming out is “soon”. It’s mostly been said as a type of “in-joke”, but I can see how that would be a bit frustrating if you weren’t in on it. So when is beta 2.0 coming out?

The truth is, we don’t know. That is why we say “soon”. You could replace that with “when it’s ready”, “when it’s out”, or any other form of indeterministic sayings. When we know, you will know. The Steam page will be up where our release date will be shown to all.

For now, we can offer some new screenshots and some updates to what I said in the last developer log and the last post.

Oh ya, and it really is “soon” now, as you can see by the nearly barren Trello. We are in final testing and polishing mode.


Updates of Note

  • You can now drag and drop to the ground from your inventory.
  • You can now place containers within containers.
  • Crafting now will look through containers in your inventory to find valid items for recipes.
  • Containers will now show their contained item weight in the title/tooltip.
  • You can now use items from containers inside your inventory.
  • You can now sort crafts by category (shows up in unique formatted listing). Many new item categories added with this change.
  • A completely overhauled interface/UI has been implemented with new art and design.
  • Craft recipes will now unlock if you have only a single of each item required in the craft.
  • You can now “Drop All” in to water.
  • Fog of war added (black areas that you have not yet explored).
  • A new dither style of fog of war/line of sight has been added. You can toggle between the two via options.
  • All monsters now have facing direction graphics and attack animations.

This is just a taste of things to come. You can read about the other things in the Changelog as per usual.

3 thoughts on “An Update!”

  1. Hi I’m a very lonely comment.
    But this comment really looks forward to this game’s big update and it coming out on steam (I look every month or so)

  2. Please make a way to save & reload to make the game easier. You can offer it as a second option for example the easier way could be considered “relax mode” and the other “survival mode” the game is great takes getting use to but I love it

    • In 1.9.2 you can save/load using a mod, but in beta 2.0, this feature will be built into the game (during beta) just in case anything bad happens to saves – we want a way for the player to back them up, just in case.

      Eventually we will remove it again, but feature different game modes as you suggested.


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