A Better Offline Version

Recently, I have discovered an interesting project called Awesomium, a windowless browser framework based on the Chromium/WebKit engine (Chrome/Safari). This has finally lead to HTML5 game developers (a rare breed at the moment) to reach offline targets without developing their own wrapper. My offline version currently consists of supplying the raw source files and expecting the user to know to run the index.html – which just runs in their browser anyways, and due to security settings, some users don’t even experience the sound and music.

Hopefully coming up, I will have a real offline version that doesn’t run in your browser and isn’t dependent on having any browser at all. Unfortunately it’s a bit over my head still as there’s no examples out there to just run local resources in a wrapper and requires some C++/C/C# coding.

2 thoughts on “A Better Offline Version”

  1. This looks pretty interesting. Would you need different versions for Mac/Linux/Windows or anything of that nature?

    • Good point. It looks like it supports all platforms; however, I’m unsure at this point if that’s just the SDK or the compiled files/executables.


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