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I don’t have much of a problem with survival, when the world gen doesn’t screw me. My longest running game lasted about 8 game days before I died from being poisoned and being underprepared for such an occurrence. Otherwise though, I had two stone stills, a flask and a handful of waterskins as well as a sizable garden of mushrooms and wild onions. In the time since I’ve been wondering how much of an impact high level skills have on their respective tasks, as well as wondering the approximate ‘talent gates’ where the harder mobs start spawning so I could plan more accordingly to have better combat skills alongside the survival skills.

I’d tried going with Cheat Engine because I’m more familiar with it’s use, though I had seen the one savegame state up on this site stores information in plaintext, I don’t know how to ‘read’ the information it presents so I don’t want to go tinkering with it just yet. A rundown on savegame editing and what exactly you can change/influence via browser console might be nice though.