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To add a few more

Trees seem to deplete too quickly unless I need logs to build a tree house. So many logs so little resources.

After the initial game time is over the saplings all dissapear. They all grew up and none were found harvesting trees.

Legendary items don’t feel legendary. +4 in mycology and some extra durability is not really what the word legendary conjures up.

Ranged combat isn’t worth the effort. Shooting ammo into the water means it is gone forever. Low durability means crafting lots of ammo. Since it shoots it at random distances and leaves it on the ground it must be picked up. The spear is superior to all this in every way. Very easy to craft, high damage, the least amount of weight, and lasts much longer.

Locked chests are very rare. Many of the underground areas do not have any at all. Some games I can go without seeing a single one.

Milestone were a nice addition, but are very generic and uninspiring.

Still no visual changes for wearing armor.

Some of the bugs from many versions ago are still present and still on the bug list. This is in addition to many new bugs which are immediately visible. Some required restart of the browser to continue playing.