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Thanks all!

@Ohmega : Yeah. I’ll try to take a screen of my base when daylight comes, but i try to keep stuff organised : i know i’ll deal with leatherworking next, so i have a pile of leather and a place for tannin right next to it. Also, i rather like my forge system, simply because you have access to the forge, the iron ingots (i got a humongous amount of them) and the furnace all at once. Pretty neat.

Also, piles of stuff = burn. I make mortar & pestles to train stonecrafting and reduce weight while mining, but burn them in the end. Organisation of (important) stuff is key, as proved by a recent bug cleaning my whole inventory : just had to go on certain square (i have a square for each type of iron armor and was soon back into action).

: Much enjoying my 180ks now 😀 Soon, 100% mining. So close yet so far… (99,1% atm)

: it’s well located too. Got lots of sandstone near, an open cave, nice forests, a decent sea and swamps. Quite happy.