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@jamesIII ohh okay so prevent default is only for location variables. Thanks. And yeah I noticed that when I retyped everything via Google doc or with notepad it worked vs copy and paste.

As for the chicken in the second part.. You mean when I listed the code examples I used that didn’t work? I forgot to include some closing brackets as well. So yeah I see what you ment but for the getarrowgetarrow yeah… Sorta didn’t finish typing in the edit. Was trying a few other type ins before I posted and forgot to change it to arrow. Wasn’t realizing prevent default was strictly for things outside of inventory vs that within inventory.

@vaughn wanted to ask how do I load files and mods to wayward from android browser? I try to do so with Google browser on my sprint HTC one but the built in file loader will not work. I rooted and use root explorer and other tools on my phone and I cannot seem to load any js directly via the phone browser weather emulating as PC or running mobile version. Think its strictly related to mobile devices or the way files are loaded via mobile browser/emulated PC files?