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@vaughn for android unless you build it as a apk or application install it will most likely fail horribly on the browser due to how zoom functionality works. Not sure you can disable androids native zoom function unless you build it as a application and disable it within the application. On top of that on the web browser on android include web browser of choice usually all cache and temp settings are wiped from android version 4.0+. This is per device reboot. So… Wayward save data would be lost. usually for me it isn’t a issue as I use Google chrome on my phone and it doesn’t seem to have this issue but… It is a major possibility considering how automated cleaner programs I have delete cache. User basis who sent tech savoy will most likely struggle and pass the game up if introduced to it via their phones browser due to its current technicalities.

yeah I have the same issue with 1.6 not 1.5 not sure why though…

@vaughn speaking of issues… How do I update the XML spreadsheet for but reports? Insert another line? Because theirs an abundance of new issues cropping up. I guess you reoptimized the code OE changes things around because for 1.6 my inventory disappeared (its still their just graphically speaking its not visible) resulting in my weight staying the same but interaction with my inventory, currently equipped weapons/gear and my hot key buttons interaction impossible (beyond pressing the num keys that correspond with what I remember being in the numkey quick slots) also game seems to be sluggish/slow now. Graphics are now glitchy and flicker regardless of browser I use. And no matter what 1.6 save file I load in all of them have this bug now where as it wasn’t so persistent. The bugs began on Oct 21st. So if you changed something it broke some functions of the 1.6 version making it less stable/playable. Oddly this issue can be reproduced by starting a new game on 1.6 saving a file and loading the save or playing for a short while and saving, exiting game and them reloading game through the browser.