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Ah, tablets. I just hope you won’t abandon keyboard support.

I expect some of your example actions were mainly for example’s sake, and not necessarily planned, but I’ll comment on them all anyway. 😉

In-slot repair would be very welcome.
But the worst thing about repairing items is not so much having to drop and recollect them, which could be seen as a normal in-game hardship; it is having to deal with the inventory each way. I assume that work is ongoing to improve the Equipment/Inventory/Crafting interface so I haven’t made any comments about that, but what works best for actions will depend a lot on how this interface works.

Again, the inventory+etc interface is the real issue. Drag & Drop wouldn’t be so bad if the equipment and inventory slots were not competing for visibility.
Still, an Equip shortcut would be better.

The point of quickslots is that they are already set up for use most of the time, and not often changed.
Making this easier is not a high priority, and may instead make more important actions less convenient through added clutter.

This is best served by Hover, as now, although I note possible refinements below. The main point being to keep it clear; less info-dump, more context-specific.

Could be a cool addition to gameplay if one is forced to get creative in awkward situations.

Empty Water Bottle:
Assuming that you’ve accepted my idea about being able to (Right-Click) pour bottled water into open water (with no contamination), this might be useful if we find a pre-filled still or similar non-open source in the middle of the desert while carrying sea water. Otherwise ???