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Thanks for the thoughts and ideas here. I’m currently thinking about an idea which adds context boxes (or just uses the current tool-tips) to add a listing of actions you can do which then completely fixes human errors in input, but also provides support for tablet/mobile. This also provides a way for me to expand the set of actions on items, which is sorely needed for water. For example on Desalinated Water in Glass Bottle:

  • Drink
  • Pour or Drop
  • Empty Glass Bottle
  • Quickslot
  • Examine
  • Repair

I would probably still have double click and right click bound the the first two actions (how it is now), but a context menu could definitely help. Here’s an example for a Iron Spear:

  • Throw
  • Drop
  • Equip (Left Hand)
  • Equip (Right Hand)
  • Quickslot
  • Examine
  • Repair
  • Dismantle

As you can see, I can even start adding in new forms of interactions and shortcuts to the player.